There is a simple solution - send us a request to send you your PIN via our contact form.
Enter the number of your benefits card along with your corporate e-mail address and you will receive the PIN within 24 hours (on weekdays). If you do not have a corporate e-mail, we will send your PIN to your HR department.

You can order a duplicate card via a special form in your benefits catalogue (for a small fee associated with the production and distribution of the card). You will receive the new card within 14 days on average. If for any reason you cannot ask for it yourself, your colleagues from the HR department will certainly help you. For safety reasons, we recommend that you call the helpline at 840 236 236 and preventively block the account until you receive a new card.

The fastest solution is calling our helpline 840 236 236. We will immediately reset the password to its original format, which is a PIN that you received in the cover letter with your Benefity card. You can apply for the same process via our contact form at

Send us a request for cancellation via the contact form. In the form, please indicate the number of the transaction and the amount of the transaction. We will then contact the supplier of the benefit and after his approval, we will refund your points to your benefits account. Typically, order cancellations do not take more than a few workdays.

We are constantly expanding our supplier network and we will be happy to hear your suggestions. It's easy – please send us basic information about your supplier using the contact form and we'll take care of the rest. Please keep in mind that the provider must be a company that operates in the realm of sports, health, culture, education or recreation. Based on the information you provide, we'll analyse the full potential of the provider and reach out to them if they seem to be a good fit. The whole process takes about two months, but at the end everyone is satisfied - you, the new supplier and us. So go for it.

First, find out if the required supplier is part of our network. You can do so in your personal catalogue – just log into your Benefity account and use our research window. When you find your supplier, follow the provided instructions in order to make use of your benefits. If a supplier is not listed, send us a suggestion to include this supplier (see question n.5).

This, of course, shouldn’t be happening. Nevertheless, we are unable to follow up on an error without your feedback. Therefore, we need you to send us details about the supplier who declined your request, using our contact form. In order to accelerate the execution of your request, we need you to give us the specific supplier’s name, the address of the shop along with the date and time of your visit and a short description of the event. We will then forward this feedback to the supplier’s contact representative and arrange a rectification.

First of all, you need to make sure that your order has been successfully registered with our application. You can do that by logging into your account and selecting the “transactions” section. In case you can’t see your order in the list, an error probably occurred during the ordering process itself.

It is always recommended to carefully examine the instructions of drawing the required services / goods before placing your order. Conditions differ with every supplier as well as the processing and delivery time and method.

If you can see your order in the list of transactions, you were following the orders provided for the specific benefit and the supplier still doesn’t seem to have knowledge of your order, kindly send us a request for verification through our contact form in the “contact” section after logging into your account. We will look into your issue, achieve rectification with the supplier and provide you with feedback and a solution.