Basic information about BENEFITY - find out more about how we ensure your employees’ motivation

  • Employees as well as employers have been able to take advantage of our employee benefits in the Czech Republic since 2003 and since 2012 in Slovakia.
  • Back in 2004, we launched unique software which allowed employers to provide corporate benefits to their employees in a revolutionary way. No more complicated application processes for using this or that employee benefit. Just the employee, his own approach to the benefit offer and the freedom of choice.
  • The unique online system of drawing employee benefits (always subject to improvements) in combination with an expanding network of suppliers is what took us step by step into the leading position in the realm of the nonfinancial rewarding of employees and the enhancement of their motivation.
  • We are grateful for our position and see it as a commitment.
  • Therefore, providing A to Z employee benefits is the least we can do to satisfy our ambitions. Thus, as an employer, you will find no less than top quality service and 100% dedication.

To get an idea of our expertise when it comes to company employee motivation, have a look at these numbers:

  • 90 000 employees drawing their corporate benefits
  • 7000 partners offering their services and goods to employees
  • Over 12 000 benefits for employees to choose from
  • Hotline BENEFITY: 840 236 236
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